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    Biosolar photovoltaic mounting system BauderSOLAR G LIGHT is an integrated solar PV mounting system specifically for Bauder biodiverse or extensive green roofs. When to specify… Our Biosolar system is an integrated solution for mounting photovoltaic renewable energy on a green roof or a blue roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism to secure … Read more
  • Green Roof Technology
    GREEN ROOF SYSTEMS ALL UNDER ONE ROOF What is your Green Roof system? This is a question we hear almost daily. In fact, it is like asking an architect: “What is your house?”Because architects are able to design any house – from tiny home to skyscraper, so we do with Green Roofs and Green Infrastructure. … Read more
  • Optigrun Solar Green Roof
    The combination of photovoltaics and a green roof on Solar Green Roofs brings together many advantages: Evaporative cooling of vegetation leads to an increase in the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. At the same time, the green roof makes an important contribution to preserving the natural water balance and increasing biodiversity. The load-supported solar mounting … Read more
  • Colorado State University – Agrivoltaics
    Agrivoltaics Agrivoltaics combines solar photovoltaic-based renewable energy generation with agricultural production. The technology shows promise to mitigate climate change impacts on crop and livestock productivity, generate significant clean, renewable energy, increase agricultural water efficiency, diversify and enhance income sources for farmers, and increase the productivity of agricultural land-use in the nation.  The College of Agricultural … Read more
  • Green Roofs and Solar Energy: Pure Synergy
    GREEN ROOFS AND SOLAR ENERGY A combination with significant synergy effects Green Roofs and Solar Energy: Pure Synergy A flat roof is one of the best locations for a solar energy system, given that the solar modules can be adjusted to the correct angle and the most appropriate orientation. It is a mistaken belief that … Read more
  • Analysis of Green Roofs Ability to Mitigate Hail Damage on Roofs
    Green roofs can significantly reduce, and in most caseseliminate, the damage and cost of roof repairs caused byhailstorms. Green roofs act as a buffering layer of substrate andplants, absorbing the destructive impact of hail hitting the surfaceduring a hailstorm. Anticipating severe weather andimplementing cost-effective protection strategies, such as greenroofs, can result in significant savings for … Read more
  • How Denver Can Combat Its High Temperature Problem
    The city’s heat-trapping materials have been increasing the mercury, but there are ways to combat the warmth. Lindsey B. King April 1, 2021 The Local newsletter is your free, daily guide to life in Colorado. For locals, by locals. Sign up today! Doing Your Part: Raise the Roof The real estate atop our homes and garages … Read more
  • Green Roof Research
    Urban Agriculture At CSU Spur, green roof systems and an expansive greenhouse atop the Terra building show how urban spaces can be used for plant and food production. The green roof serves as a research and demonstration facility to build on previous CSU research to investigate water use, food production, agrivoltaics, plant-pollinator interactions, seeding, and … Read more
  • Awards Of Excellence 2019 – Roof For A View
    ProjectRoom For A View LocationBoulder, CO Award WinnerGreen Roofs of Colorado / K. Dakin Design Project Team Contractor/Installer: Green Roofs of ColoradoLandscape Architect: K. Dakin Design “It just made sense, this green roof. The clients did not want to stare out their bedroom and bathroom windows onto a bare, roof membrane. Especially when they are … Read more
  • Why Rooftop Gardens Cool Cities
    City rooftops are getting a makeover. Instead of concrete, many are now covered by grasses, flowers, and even small trees. Andy Creath, president of Green Roofs of Colorado, says green roofs are not just pretty. They benefit the climate too. Creath: “Green roofs actually cool cities.” By replacing heat-absorbing materials like concrete and tar, green roofs … Read more
  • Denver Green Roof Initiative
    Green roof legislation has long been implemented in Europe but interest has been growing within the United States. Many cities, such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Portland, offer incentives and bonuses for developments that incorporate green roofs. On January 1st, 2017 San Francisco became the first U.S. city to mandate living roofs and solar energy collection on new construction. Now Denver … Read more
  • 7 Installation Issues from the Green Roof Contractor Perspective
    1 – Contractor Communication Let’s face it, at times the general contrac­tor’s (GC) understanding of green roof components are minimal. Constant com­munication is necessary to ensure that the GC recognizes that all materials have been installed correctly and will perform accord­ingly. Lack of communication can result in delays and numerous site tours. 2 – Leak … Read more
  • A Closer Look at Green Roofs
    Excerpt from interview with Andy Creath in the March 2013 issue of Energy Design Update: Creath’s first piece of advice? “The first thing to know about a green roof is that it is not always the best or least expensive single source solution for getting to benefits such as energy efficiency. However, the overall benefits of … Read more