Green Roof Maintenance Prior to, During, and After Install

Maintenance of a green roof is just like garden maintenance, it can be as simple as trimming the surface back twice yearly, or as complex as weekly upkeep. We always caution that no living thing is “no maintenance.”

You need a green roof maintenance plan­ from day one. Imagine this scenario: A 100 degree day with plants sitting in a sun­baked parking lot waiting to be brought up to the roof. Then a problem occurs on the roof, delaying installation for three days and leaving those plants without water. Construction delays occur quite frequently, putting plants at risk; it is therefore crucial to prepare and plan for such circumstances. When the plants are safely transferred to the roof installation area the next phase of maintenance begins. Green Roofs Co will put a green roof maintenance plan in place during this crucial time period-before the building is complete and the owner’s main­tenance crew begins their care.