Installation issues occur in all areas of construction. Green roofs are not special in that regard, but there are a few issues green roof contractors should keep in mind-and some tips for planning ahead to ensure success. Here are just a few of the many issues that can occur, and need to be thought about before beginning the installation.

1 – Communication

At Green Roofs Co, we value constant com­munication to ensure that the general contractor recognizes that all materials have been installed correctly and will perform accord­ingly. This helps avoid delays and numerous site tours.

2 – Leak Test

We have you do a leak test before installation of the green roof. Nothing tempers the excitement of a beautiful green roof more than a leak that could have been discovered prior to the installation.

3 – Clear Plans

On a job site things are not always con­structed according to architectural plans. This is especially common with roofing plans. A skylight may have moved or water and electricity may not have made it out to the roof where you need to work. Architectural and landscape plans are the green roof contractor’s guide to the intent of the designer. If the plans aren’t clear or complete, the final product may not be what the owner expects, and costly change orders may occur.

4 – Water Access

No water equals dead plants, unless cacti are utilized in the majority of the planting plan. Green Roofs will check that water is available from a hose bib, metered fire hydrant or other water source before beginning installation.

5 – Green Roof Access

Because of the park-like feel of many green roofs, the newly constructed green roof can become a break area for workers on site. To manage traffic, lay protection down or tape off areas to ensure plantings are not damaged by foot traffic or other trades’ work. This needs to occur both during and after the construction of the green roof.