Why build green roofs?

  • Extends roof membrane life by 2.5 to 3 times longer than typical waterproofing
  • Detains stormwater
  • Reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Lowers cooling costs
  • Cleans air
  • Increases habitat and biodiversity
  • Protects from hail damage
  • Creates urban food production
  • Improves aesthetics

Will my green roof leak?

  • Green roofs protect membranes from UV radiation, daily temperature changes, and traffic. If the roof does not leak before the green roof is installed, it is less likely to leak after the installation.

Do green roofs need Irrigation?

  • We design green roofs to use as little additional water as possible. Irrigation is used to get the cooling benefits of the building, and to help the plants thrive on a rooftop environment. We recommend irrigation for all our jobs.

How much does a green roof weigh?

  • For estimating purposes, you can use 7.5 pounds per square foot per Inch of media. This is a saturated weight that will need to be confirmed with the media provider. For example a 5” green roof…. 5” x 7.5 psf = 37.5 psf. Specialty media mixes can be heavier or lighter depending on the plant selection and overall purpose of the green roof.

Can you build a green roof on a sloped roof?

  • Once above a 2:12 roof slope stabilization will need to be looked into.