Analysis of Green Roofs Ability to Mitigate Hail Damage on Roofs

Green roofs can significantly reduce, and in most cases
eliminate, the damage and cost of roof repairs caused by
hailstorms. Green roofs act as a buffering layer of substrate and
plants, absorbing the destructive impact of hail hitting the surface
during a hailstorm. Anticipating severe weather and
implementing cost-effective protection strategies, such as green
roofs, can result in significant savings for property owners and
insurance companies. This study demonstrates and quantifies the
advantages associated with the use of green roofs to prevent hail
damage and associated cost benefits. Testing and data collection
in this study were based on the current recommended testing
method, UL 2218 Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared
Roof Covering Materials, testing impact resistance by dropping
steel balls onto the roof surfaces from various heights. See full analysis below: